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Website Reports
In my current job (and in my previous jobs, too), one of my duties is/was to compile monthly executive reports which show how the websites that I work on are performing. For reasons of business confidentiality, I have not included any of these reports in my website portfolio.

However, if requested, I can easily bring print-outs of these PDF format reports to an interview, where I can then talk my way through the contents of these reports.

What Do I Include in a Website Report?
Listed below are the main areas that I look at when compiling a website report.

Website Traffic
Page views, visitor sessions, unique visitors (but not hits!), new and return visitors, geographics, referrals, search engine performance, etc.

How Do I Gather the Data for a Website Report?
Website statistics programs such as Smarter Stats, Google Analytics, Funnel Web Analyzer, Google Adwords, etc.

Last, and not least, from getting feedback about the website from people who use it! Admittedly, this is old-fashioned; however, it is a rather effective way of finding out how the website is performing.
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