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Webcam Projects

While working for Angus Council, I project-managed a webcam project. This webcam is located on the roof of a farm outhouse building up in Glen Clova, Angus.

When I first started this project, there was no electricity or phone-line in the farm outhouse - let alone a broadband connection. Given the remoteness of the location, there was a large, Cecil B. DeMille-like cast involved on this project: including shepherds, farmers, rangers, a team of BT Engineers (seems you can never get the same one twice), lawyers, bingo callers, hotel staff, a software techie and me. In short, this was one of those 'herding cats' projects.

Happily, the project is now finished, and the Glen Clova webcam can be viewed via this URL:

Special Note for Visitors Using Internet Explorer 9
If you are using Internet Explorer 9, then you will likely need to make a small adjustment to your browser's settings to view the webcam project that I worked on.

Included below are brief instructions for making the required minor adjustment to your browser settings.

  1. Right-click in a blank space on the Internet Explorer 9 toolbar.
  2. Select the Command bar.
  3. From the newly-opened Command Bar, click on the Page drop-down menu and select 'Compatibility View'.
  4. Close down and re-open your browser.

You should now be able to view the Glen Clova webcam.

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photo of the Glen Clova webcam