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Technical Writing/Editing and IT Training

also have extensive and eclectic experience of writing/editing technical copy for a wide range of audiences and publications.

Techie Writing for Sage Software and Domain Name Control Panel
For instance, while working for Sage, I wrote a booklet about domain names for people who run SMEs. The main aim of this booklet was to show customers how to operate the control panel for their domain names - you can view a PDF version (2 MB) or PowerPoint version (3.5 MB) of this booklet.

Nanotechnology Technical Writing/Editing
Then while working in the nanotechnology field, I edited (and, when required, rewrote) 100s of technical documents for the 'A to Z of Nano' website. Listed below are just three of the articles that I edited/rewrote - visit the Nanotechnology page to view further examples:

How to Use Google Analytics and Smarter Stats
In my current post, I recently wrote a document that shows non-techie people how to apply Google Analytics to their website. To see this document (PDF, 40KB), click here.

After applying Google Analytics to websites, I've also shown people how to get the best out of the Google Analytics program. Likewise, I've also set up various websites so that people can also view server logs-based statistics for their sites. To see a basic 'How to use the the Smarter Stats Analytics Program' introductory page that I wrote, click here.

Writing User Manuals for CMS
I have also written user manuals for the Content Management System that we use - to view two of these manuals, refer to the IT Training paragraph below.

How to Operate a Webcam
As part of a recent project that I managed to set up a webcam in Glen Clova (where there was no electricity, let alone a phone-line or a broadband connection!), I wrote a page to show people how to get the best out of the new webcam. To view this webcam advice page, click here.

How to Buy Stuff in a Web Shop (um, from the writing vaults, this one - but it was needed at one time...)
Back in the day (circa 2000/2001) when folk did not know how to shop online, I also wrote 'how to shop' web pages. Here is the 'How to Shop' page that I wrote for the website.

Writing User Documentation for the Workplace Post-Grad IT Course
While studying as a post-grad student, one of the modules that I chose was in 'Technical Writing and User Documentation'. In short, I can write a perfectly braw ‘If…Then’ statement to match even the most demanding of Boolean statements. In most of the places I've worked for, I've also had to write documentation that explains the various technical tasks that I do.

Embellishing Techie Writing with Spangy Similes (please note that this 'deluxe' service costs extra)
Further, as a lover of literature, I can (if required) embellish my ‘If…Then’ statements with a suitable and imaginative simile - just to keep the interested reader ('if there is one' - copyright of Kingsley Amis) engaged.

IT Training and Writing Training Manuals for CMS
In addition to carrying out various technical writing assignments, I am also responsible for giving training on the Active Edition Content Management System (CMS). This work consists of planning, writing and then carrying out a training session on the CMS. As I think hand-on training is the best way to learn a new program, I work my way through a logical set of tasks so that by the end of a 2-hour session, the student is capable of building a standard web page using the CMS.

If required, I could easily show print-outs of the CMS technical manuals I wrote for Angus Council at an interview.

Technical/Marketing Reports for Website Performance
I've also written reports that show how a website is performing. The content for these reports tend to be a mix of technical and marketing/business points, since the audience was a combination of IT and Marketing/Business folk. As departmental managers also looked at these reports, I started off with a basic summary (i.e. an executive summary), so that a basic understanding of how the website was performing could be gleaned by reading page one. These reports form part of my print portolio, and they can be looked at and discussed during the course of a face-to-face interview.

Kodak Brownie 8mm Projector 15-G - User Manual
I'm currently working on a project to digitise all my family's old cine films. Part of this project involves fixing the motor drive belt on two of the Kodak Brownie 8mm projectors that I own. As I work on this repair job, I'm also documenting my work. Once finished, I'll publish this documentation on the web. For the moment, however, I've digitised the two user manuals that I have (there are slight differences between the two manuals, which is why I've put both online), and these manuals are now available to download as two PDF documents:

Consul Matic Projector F1.5, 8mm - User Manual
This is another 8mm cine projector that I sometimes use.

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