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Sage Domain Names
I wrote the Sage Domain Name booklet as part of an e-business project that was aimed to help SMEs set up websites and start trading online. This booklet was sent out to everyone who registered a domain name with Sage.

With regards to writing tone and style, the booklet is very much a hybrid. The first section of the booklet provides information about domain names and explains why they are so important to businesses.

The second section of the booklet explains how to use the control panel for the domain name and web hosting service that Sage then offered. As a result, the second section of the booklet is very much an example of technical writing for an audience of IT novices who are very busy and short of time. In short, the second section of this booklet was really a translation of fairly geeky stuff into plain and clear English - 'prose like a window-pane', to quote Orwell.

If required, I can easily supply interested parties with a copy of this booklet, as part of a print portfolio.
Alternatively, you can view a PDF version (2MB) or PowerPoint version (3.5MB) of this booklet.
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View a PDF version (2MB) or PowerPoint version (3.5MB) of this booklet.

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