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Website and Email Newsletters
While working for DC Thomson Family History (now called Find My Past Ltd) from September 2011 to July 2014 and from April 2016 to September 2016, I planned, wrote, built and sent out a monthly email newsletter to the 1 million+ subscribers to the ScotlandsPeople website.

From September 2011 to January 2014, I planned, wrote and built a monthly newsletter for the British Newspaper Archive project.

If required, I can provide print copies of all the newsletters that I wrote, designed and built for the British Newspaper Archive and ScotlandsPeople website. newsletters
This is the front page of an e-business newsletter that I wrote for Sage customers in 2001. As with all of the web team's projects, working on this newsletter involved teamworking with the Information Architect, Graphic Designer and Web Developers.

The 'Viewpoints!' newsletter formed part of the E-business Club that Sage organised for its customers. (And, yes, during this project our information design team was working while heavily under the intoxicating, musey influence of Hello! magazine.)

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Nanotechnology Newsletters
Listed below are some examples of mailshot newsletters that I wrote for the AZoNano website. The worldwide target audience for these newsletters is folk who work in the nanotech sector. March  June April    July May     August

To see the knowledge base articles about nanotechnology that I edited and wrote search engine-friendly metadata for, please click on the articles that are listed at the end of each newsletter.

IoN Newsletters
In addition to writing the AZoNano newsletter, I also worked on a monthly newsletter for the Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN). If required, I can provide print copies of this email newsletter at a face-to-face interview..

Newsletters for the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op

I also co-designed, built, co-wrote and sent out a weekly email newsletter for the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative. If required, I can provide show print copies of this email newsletter at a face-to-face interview.

Angus Council Email Newsletters - Genealogy Events, Campaigns and Visitor Attractions
Using the MailCentral email newsletter tool (, Iíve also designed, edited, proof-read, built, co-built, cannibalised and sent out numerous e-newsletters while working on various tourism websites for Angus Councilís Marketing Department.

If it were required, I could easily show print-outs of these email newsletters at a face-to-face interview.

Co-writing and building newsletters for the Angus Carers' Centre
In my current post, I am responsible for co-writing and building a newsletter for adult carers, and building a newsletter for young carers.
The newsletter for adult carers
The newsletter for young carers

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