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While working as a Marketing Executive for DC Thomson Family History, I had numerous news releases printed in newspapers, family history magazines and on news/genealogy websites in the UK and elsewhere. In addition to writing these press releases, I was also responsible for distributing the press releases. Included below are four press releases that I wrote to promote the release of new records on the ScotlandsPeople genealogy website.

"Lion tamer's wedding features in online archive" [my personal favourite!]

'Wills of Scots soldiers go online'

'Valuation rolls show what property Scots owned and rented in 1905'

'Online insight into Scots life in the early 20th Century'

Writing news content for
When writing news stories for Sage Software Ltd, I liaised with the relevant person from whichever company department the story was about. Writing news stories also involved frequent contact with the Sage PR Department. Included below are three news stories that I wrote for website.

I also wrote (and distributed) news releases for the Institute of Nanotechnology.

And me in the news!

Um, er, there have been one or two times when I've been caught up in the news story itself. To read all about my latest entanglement and predicament, click here.

More previous entanglements and predicaments - winning a writing scholarship award
This is a news story about a scholarship award that I won while studying at university. In short, it was a writing competition that I won (and a first prize of 1,000). To see the newspaper stories (and photos of me when I was young and frisky, yet still totally glaikit), click here.
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