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Knowledge Base Articles on Nanotechnology
Listed below are several titles of articles that I edited for an online encyclopedia about nanotechnology. When editing these articles, I wrote page titles, page descriptions, paragraph headings (i.e. for the HTML sub-heading tags, H6, H7, etc), tables of contents, and prepared various categories of keywords (i.e. metadata) for the knowledge management system that powers the website.

Then, following the house style, I uploaded the articles and the metadata to the website using the knowledge management system. To view a brief selection of these articles, just click on the titles of the knowledge base articles listed below.

Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing on a Commercial Scale - Ready for Mass-Markets

Optical Tweezers: An Introduction

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment - Nanobiotechnology

China’s Nanotechnology Revolution

Formation of Nanoparticles in Gaseous Phase Reactions and Flame Synthesis in Microgravity Conditions

Optical Tweezers Advance Research into Diseases Affecting Red Blood Cells Like Malaria

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