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Mobile 'Website' Design

For my own professional development as a web worker, I have been learning all about XHMTL-MP (which is, rather wonderfully, virtually the same as XHTML) and how to use this programming language to code and build websites for 'the Mobile Web'. Da-ra! Links to the first two mobile website test pages (or 'cards') that I've hand-coded and built are included below:

Since WML (Wireless Markup Language) was for WAP 1.0 rather thank WAP 2.0 and, as a result, has become obselete, I won't be bothering with that language. Instead, I'm looking at resources on XHMTL-MP. Somewhere down the line, I might start looking at Flash Lite. Listed below are two of the books I'm reading and working through on this subject.

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'Mobile Web Design' by Cameron Toll
'Mobile Web Design' by Cameron Moll

'Mobile Web Design For Dummies' by Janine Warner and David LaFontaine
'Mobile Web Design for Dummies' by Janine Warner and David LaFontaine