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In addition to the day job of beavering away at the cyberface, I sometimes (i.e. when the old moon wanes and 'the cat's daft half hour' mood takes me) dress up as famous literary characters.

My most recent literary role was pretending to be JM Barrie, at the launch of a new website called 'Deceased Online'.

Anyhow, this website contains many UK burial records, including that of James Matthew Barrie - hence my dressing up in Edwardian togs to re-enact Kirriemuir’s most famous son pondering his life and death, and his controversial rejection of Westminster Abbey for the family plot in Kirrie cemetery.

Please refer to the photo and newspaper cutting - to the right - for further info about this secret passion of mine.

BTW, I figure that this job task came under the all-encompassing 'And any other roles that may arise from time to time during the course of the normal working day' part of the job description. (<:

The fear that still haunts my febrile mind, however, is that 'I will never play the Dane!'

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