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Freelance Website Projects
The theme of diversity regarding the various types of websites that I have worked on over the past eight years, is also highlighted by the sites that I have designed and built on a freelance basis.

This is a medium-sized website that I planned, storyboarded, designed, wrote and built for a golf club:

Carnoustie Caledonia Golf Club

This is a website that I designed to promote a holiday villa in La Manga, Spain:

Holiday villa website

This is a website that I planned, wrote, designed and published for a B&B in Carnoustie:

Bed and breakfast website

The Tayside PMR-GCA website was a medical charity site, which published information about Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis. It was great fun building this website, since the communal webmasters were a gang of web-daft 60+somethings! This website has recently been incorporated into the website belonging to PMR-GCA Scotland.

Back in 2003, I did some experimenting for building a Chinese language website. The website project brief was for a language translation service company, based in Newburgh (Fife) in Scotland.

After quickly carrying out some research and doing some playing around with the character encoding, I managed to successfully build Chinese language pages. Sadly, this project did not go live, as the business owner decided not to go ahead with the venture.

To insert double-byte Chinese text symbols into a web page template, I changed the character encoding from Western European (ISO) to Unicode (UTF-8). To view the very first test page for this project, click here. In addition to presenting Chinese text using HTML, I also had to work out how to make Chinese graphics using Photoshop - so some prototype Chinese text graphics are also included on this test page.

To see an example of a ‘live’ Chinese language website that I planned, designed, co-built, wrote and gathered content for, visit this snapshot of the NanoChina website.

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Bed and Breakfast screen grab
Caledonia Golf Club screen grab
Chinese website screen grab
La Manga screenshot and link to website
PMR and GCA graphic