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Event Listings

For virtually all of the websites that I've worked on since 2000, I've been responsible for creating and/or maintaining an Event Listings page.

Most recently, I posted information about genealogy events on the social media pages of the ScotlandsPeople and British Newspaper Archive websites.

In my current role as Communications Officer with the Angus Carers' Centre, I update a page containing events that are useful for local unpaid carers.

When working on the various nanotechnology websites, I maintained three separate event listings pages on three different websites. These three pages covered nanotechnology events taking place in the UK and Europe, China and Taiwan, and the entire world. Oh, and some of the Chinese events had to be listed in Chinese!

When working as Website Co-ordinator on the Edinburgh Bicycle site, I created and maintained event listings pages across three websites for cycling events taking place in the UK and Ireland.

In my role with Angus Council, I maintained an event listings page for events taking place in Angus. As the website is aimed at three main audiences (tourists, businesses and local people), in turn, this means that I had to find appropriate events for the website to cover all three target audiences.

In all the web roles where I have had to maintain an Events page, I have used a number of different sources for gathering events for websites. Newspapers, magazines, websites, socila media, Google email alerts, libraries, email newsletters, picking up flyers in shops, looking at billboards and notice-boards, asking visitors to the website to send in info about events, etc.

No doubt, this probably all sounds quite sad (indeed, even as the person writing this, it sounds rather sad). But, in summary, all these methods combine to show that I keep a very keen look-out for events. In turn, this means that a comprehensive listings page is the end result of all my scurrying and skulking about the place.

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