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Exhibition stands and signage

While working as a Marketing Executive for The British Newspaper Archive and ScotlandsPeople websites, I also worked on planning exhibition stands and signage.

For the 'Who Do You Think You Are? Live' show (the biggest family history show in the world) in London in 2013, I worked with a third party graphic designer to create an exhibition display and signage for The British Newspaper Archive stand. We created a massive wall collage (PDF, 9MB) of interesting and quirky newspaper stories - as the queues at the show are long, I thought it would be good to have something eye-catching for the queuers.

For signage, we created large flags of the The British Newspaper Archive logo. Also, I had ensure that the British Library logo was displayed, and that some key messages about the project were included. To view some photos of the exhibition stand and the signage, follow this link (PDF, 9MB) or click on the top thumbnail image to the right.

I also dressed up as a 19th Century newspaper boy (complete with an old-fashioned newspaper bag - a relic from my first ever job!), and we handed out free newspaper hand-outs.

For smaller genealogy events, I worked with the same third party graphic designer to create a pull-up display banner.
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